We were interviewed by Yokohama Hiyoshi Shimbun about our event "Yokai Hunter Candidate".


We held an AR game event "Yokai Hunter Candidate" using our middleware "Scenario Engine" at Tsunashima Park, Yokohama City.


English version of the web site is now available.


We have obtained a patent (patent application 2022-551674) for the digital twin management middleware "Scenario Engine" developed by our company.


We have moved to a new office.


R&D Consulting Service

We break down customer needs into elemental technologies and conduct survey, prototype development, etc.


We undertake research/development work related to computer vision that requires a high level of expertise.

Project Management

We can define requirements, design, and manage development for computer vision-based system development on your behalf.

Technical Training

Through lectures on computer vision, exercises on OpenCV/Point Cloud Library, etc., and Q&A sessions, we will provide training to improve the technical skills of engineers on computer vision.

Commercialization Consulting

We will work together to develop a business by implementing the PDCA cycle to determine how to generate profits from elemental technologies.


We provide Software Development Kit (SDK) to read Japanese license plates from still images and videos.

  • C++ library for Linux or Windows OS with Python wrapper
  • Compatible with the new local license plate numbers that started in May 2020, and Osaka Expo plate that started in Oct 2022.
  • Robust and fast recognition without GPU
  • Providing Web API for Future Standard Co., Ltd.'s video analysis service "Scorer"


We provide technical consulting, development, and products related to augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

  • Original Game Platform "AR Exploring Adventer"
  • Object Recognition
  • Visual SLAM
  • 3D Reconstruction from Images
  • Face/Body Tracking
  • Processing of 3D Point Clouds Aquired from LiDAR or RGB-D Sensors
  • etc

Deep Learning

We provide consulting and development on deep learning.

  • Image Classification
  • Object Detection
  • Semantic Segmentation
  • Human Pose Estimation
  • Style Transfer
  • Image Generation
  • etc


  • Autonomous Driving
  • Deep Learning
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Point Cloud Processing
  • Free Viewpoint Video Research System
  • Facial Landmark Tracking
  • Credit Card Number Recognition